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Posted on 2010.01.09 at 23:33
Today The Stray and I were on Bedford coming back from lunch, salt and pepper seitan medallions at Wild Ginger, yum, and we were coming out of the pharmacy and on the corner there was a laundry basket with the sign "pit pull puppies for sale." This guy behind the basket was laughing and talking with a girl, who was leaning in to look and touch. I couldn't help but glance over as we were walking by, caught a peek of the sweetest eyes from the bottom of the basket.

Bella was found in a box, abandoned in a rest stop somewhere in northern California. We joke about her origins, how she's really a creature from the woods who crawled into that box of kittens, to be camouflaged and carried into some unsuspecting victim's home. But it does freak me out a little bit that there were absolutely no controls on anyone who wanted to get her. Pollywog we got from the SPCA - there were people there to protect her. But Bella is the little forest thing, filthy and infected when we first got her, now silky and purring and learning a thing or two about the elegant feline sprawl from her older sister. (A nipster: a young urban sophisticated animal living the good life.)

Puppies on a streetcorner - a streetcorner in Williamsburg - hope they get to a warm and loving home.

Posted on 2010.01.05 at 22:52
Role play is fine, role play is great, role play is cops and robbers for grownups with your pants off and how much fun is that?
- Dan Savage

Posted on 2009.12.31 at 17:52
Farewell, aughts. Too bad about your sorry state in history. Because NOBODY is going to look back on the past ten years and go, "oh yeah, those were great times."

May the next decade have a zeitgeist worth remembering.

Posted on 2009.12.21 at 17:33
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This is how we spent the snowstorm...

Driving down to Philly!

We weren't about to let a Pricelined hotel room go to waste just because the family we were supposed to be meeting couldn't make it out of the driveway. Let's have an adventure!
The first few flakes were just starting to drift down in Brooklyn when we headed out, we were about halfway down the Turnpike, around exit 7A or so, when it started to stick and everything slowed down to 15mph. The inclines of exit ramps were a little nervewracking, especially when better-equipped cars than ours were stopped to the side, but we ended up at our destination safe and sound.

And met vagab0nd in Northern Liberties for seitan cheesesteaks and lots of whiskey. This was the view across the street.

Philly really was a winter wonderland, all the little shops and cafes of Rittenhouse Square blanketed with fresh sparkling snowfall. Walking around in the night, softness underfoot, all was stone and silence. White darkness lit up with rows of streetlamps, the violet glow of a fortuneteller's sign, distant giggles of somebody trying not to fall down.

An unexpectedly and absolutely enchanting weekend.

Posted on 2009.12.17 at 22:04
Right now I'm watching the Stephen Colbert Christmas Special, and I am once again reminded how the holidays are second only to patriotism in mindblowing displays of bad taste. This show is whacking me across the chops with both. I can only sit here and goggle helplessly.

Last week we visited the Holiday Lane at Macy's to see how it stacked up to the one in San Francisco (meh, half the trees weren't even finished), and to pick out the most craptacular ornament to throw into Cory's family's steal-the-present swap next week. We got some hot chocolate on the mezzanine and ascended into the soothing clackery of the wooden escalators, and wound up having this conversation about Cradle of Filth being a supposed black metal sellout while perusing tiny glittering skyscrapers. I ended up getting a cute little chandelier because I decided I wanted my swap entry to be something people would fight over. I also got ornaments to tuck into my cousins' gift packages - none of this tacky glitzy crap, those reindeers were made of black velvet.

We also did the Google party which was at the Museum of Natural History. It started out jazzy and sedate, and then proved that the entire world is always three drinks away from busting out the disco. Even when they're dancing beneath a giant whale.

Posted on 2009.12.14 at 00:17
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Just came back from seeing GWAR at the Irving Plaza. The only damage this evening are some splotches on my left temple and right hand - we're both feeling under the weather, so we stayed towards the back, out of reach of the blood cannons. Right now there are crowds of pink and green-splattered metalheads taking the train home and no doubt getting strange looks from the other passengers. Yay.

NY crowds = fun. Pit etiquette, people who actually say excuse me when they bang into you, or tap you on the shoulder when they want to move up instead of just pushing you to the side. That, and some serious hawtness here and there. "Dude! You're so the boyfriend I wanted in 1989."

The show itself, not their best, it felt recycled from past shows. Definitely not the sheer insanity of last year when they did the election-year boxing ring. They're celebrating their 25th anniversary, cheers to that, but sooner or later, there won't be any more of these shows. (They retired Cardinal Syn tonight, one of the boss characters. I was bracing myself to hear it was going to be their last show ever.) Next time, we have to get within spray radius, and this goes triple if they'll be hauling out Gor-Gor.

Posted on 2009.12.03 at 12:28
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*stands up and flicks lighter*

Same-sex marriage is going to pass. The right thing always wins out. It takes time, but it always eventually wins. It's why the bigots are screaming so loud - they have to cover the fact that there aren't that many of them, and they know they're losing.

Posted on 2009.12.02 at 10:45
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Chateau Bizarre is now set up on Twitter, and I was extremely tickled to open my inbox today and find out Cradle of Filth is following me.
I haven't gotten into the lists yet but the whole thing seems like a giant chatroom. Could be fun.

In other news, I've started doing some actual blogging besides shop reviews. I'm officially done with Marilyn Manson, hoping Dita doesn't fall down a similar path of caricature, and, surprise surprise, making fun of 80's pop metal.

Posted on 2009.11.16 at 23:01
Tonight I took a sea salt bath and brought a Storm Constantine novel in with me - The Crown of Silence, I needed some high fantasy to cleanse the palate after White Oleander (which was good!) - and it's been such a long time between the books in this trilogy I don't even know what the hell is going on anymore but I don't care, she's so good at worldbuilding and immersing into the tactile and visual and I'm just happy to be there for 500 pages.

It's not long before a pair of ears pop up by the side of the tub. Bella, wanting scritchies, which of course she got. We just hung out for a while, me reading, her lying on the bathroom rug. Soon she's standing on her hind legs, hopping up to crouch at the edge of the tub and dip one persistent paw in the water. Then, some call-and-response meowing. She started it.

Off to bed, where Polly is currently nesting.

Posted on 2009.11.09 at 02:24
Wow. No wonder the producers of Mad Men refused to give out advance copies for the final ep. That was some damn fine television. (I could practically hear a collective whoop going up around the country when Joan walked onscreen.)

Cannot wait for the next season.
Not only did everything just explode, but it's getting drop-kicked into the *other* sixties.

Now all they need to do is bring back Sal.

And Cosgrove - *Nelson voice* ha, ha!

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